December 2013

2013 in review

Is Collective Wisdom always Correct?

At the starting point of human evolution timeline, the progress was very slow and full of dangers. Learning was at the cost of many human lives. In the beginning, man was a hunter and did not have a stable life. He was always on the move because animals which he hunted were also capable of running. Life of hunting was not easy. They were on lookout for more stable life. To be able to stay put at one place. For this, humans had to enable themselves replace their diet with grains and cereals which could be grown near their abodes.… Read More »Is Collective Wisdom always Correct?

Winter is coming

We are in the month of December. Here in Panchkula as in the North India the mercury is plunging. In the day though it is still hot and you cannot sit continuously in the sun.
Little clouds have begun to appear and disappear in the sky. Sometimes these look as if a child has smeared the white color over a blue paper.
Already, the wheat has been sown by most of farmers. Also, one can see onions, sarson, turnips, spinacRead More »Winter is coming

Concept of pH in Chemistry

Although the pH of a lake or polluted stream is seldom reported in the media, the people who are monitoring the health of the lake water record it daily religiously. But pH is quite an important physical property of water. pH of a stream gives an indication about the salts and other soluble matter present in the water. These soluble salts affect the organisms living in the water. Also changing pH in a stream can be an indicator of increasing pollution or some other environmental factor. As we know life on our planet is based on the water. Water is… Read More »Concept of pH in Chemistry

Big Boss Chahte Hain Ke Armaan………

Big Boss is a show on Colors which collects a bunch of freaks, flops, spoilt and abnormal people. Majority of them are flops from the film industry and show business. The currently running show called Big Boss 7 Saath is no exception. The leader of the pack in this show is the flop actor Armaan Kohli. He is like a bull in china shop. He picks up fights, hurls abusive language on contestants. Even as the show is only one month to conclude, he is always seen wearing shorts and a t shirt. He has the peculiar habit of sitting with… Read More »Big Boss Chahte Hain Ke Armaan………