Tropical Fruits

Plants grow best in the soil and climate they have originally adopted. These days with lots of technology available, the optimum conditions can be created at places different from the original.

Ripe Banana

Areas around the Equator have tropical climate. The weather is warm and there is plenty of water due to rains. This weather is suitable for copious growth of plants.

Fruits such as pineapples, persimmons, papayas and bananas grow in such a climate. Bananas are number one crop of the world. They grow in more than one hundred countries on the farms called plantations. India is the largest producer. Philippines, China and Ecuador are the next 3 top producers. Bananas are the powerhouse of energy which is stored as sugars.

Kiwifruit called Kiwi has a very different story. It was originally found in China. In early 1900, Mary Isabel Fraser visited China and tasted the fruit. She brought home the seeds and with the help of a gardener succeeded in growing the first crop in 1910. Since then New Zealand produces 1/3 of all the crops of the world.

Kiwi Slices


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