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Ad Makers thrive on ignorance of Public

In many ads about germicides, it is claimed that so and so soap kills 99.9% bacteria. This means that if there were 100000 of these microscopic beings, after treatment 99900 will be killed but still 100 will stay alive. One thing they don’t tell is that bacteria growth is exponential and within no time they will multiply again.  As the number of surviving bacteria will be less and amount of food is same as before, their proliferation rate is very high and they will grow within no time to large numbers. Only limiting factor against their growth is the starvation when the food is exhausted. Don’t be fooled that they die when the food is exhausted. No, they become dormant and wait for the food to become available again and again they revive.

The fact is we are born with “conditions apply’ tags and we are bound to play host to millions of bacteria who live inside and outer skin of our bodies. Many of these are beneficial to us.

What the bacteria lack is size they amply make up in sheer numbers.They live everywhere and there is no escape from them except immunity levels which are different from person to person and also with age.

Lack of knowledge of general people is used by the manufactures to fool them.


Where is Mandwa?

“Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. Poora naam. Baap ka naam, Dinanath Chauhan. Maa ka naam, Suhasini Chauhan. Gaon, Mandwa …. “, these iconic lines spoken by iconic Amitabh Bachchan in movie Agneepath made people curious to know where is this Mandwa after all. The movie has been made again by Karan Johar having Sanjay Dutt as playing the villain Kancha Cheena who is supposed to be having his nefarious activities in Mandwa, although shooting has not been done in Mandwa at all.
Mandwa is a coastal village and a ferry landing about 15 km from Alibaug and by road 117 km from Mumbai Central by road. It is back breaking journey by bus. This is due to the fact that the coast along the Arabian sea called Western Ghats is like the page of a book which has been eaten at the edges by the moth. Sea wedges between the land and only place where proper bombay island is connected to the main land mass of India is a bridge at Vashi and Airoli.

But most local people make use of ferries which take only an hour to Gateway of India. It is just like any other coastal village dotted with palms. The inhabitants are fisher folks and are called Kolis. Like many such secluded places, Madwa is also used for bringing in smuggling goods. As such Alibaug is second home to many rich of Mumbai like Tata, Ambani and Sachin and all rich people of Bombay. Alibaug is called Second home of the rich in Mumbai. There are so many beaches in the vicinity of Alibaug and on weekend lot of Bombay people take to these places for picnics.