Dehradun in Pictures

Dehradun is situated in a valley and a part of the region called Kedarkhand. It lies between Himalayas & Shivalik hills. Shivalik hills are named after God Shiva who is revered very much because this God’s adobe is at Mount Kailash in Himalayas. The weather here is generally very cold during winters due to its proximity to Himalayas. But it does not experience fog much as compared to the plains. Also there is not much breeze and weather is sunny and pleasant during the day.

All around the city, there are beautiful places endowed with natural beauty. The weather is changing here also due to the deforestation and intense building activity and summers are becoming oppressive.

I have come here 9 months ago and during this time whatever places have visited, I have tried to capture in my camera. Here are some of these.

IMAG1785 IMAG1807 IMAG1866 IMAG1885 IMAG1894 IMAG1917 IMAG1977 IMAG1985 IMAG1982 IMAG2001 IMAG2132 IMAG2248 IMAG2266 IMAG2277

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