My trysts with Fog

English: Fog in Wayanad

In my younger days at Chandigarh in North India, we experienced Foggy days and nights during winter season. Firstly, it begins to lurk over the fields which are irrigated and water is not dried. Along with the smoke which rises from the burning hearths in the huts of villages, it stays suspended low over the fields and homes.

Afterwards, when temperature drops further it begins to engulf whole region rising from the water bodies like ponds and rivers. With breeze breaking, it floats here and there. Visibility begins to reduce and the people walking a certain distance suddenly seem to emerge as wraiths and then suddenly disappearing.

For several years I have lived in Mumbai away from my home town. There temperatures never drop and weather is moderate and this fog phenomena is is rarely seen. Instead during the months of January sometimes smog surrounds all the region due to high pollution and chemical industries.

Now I have returned to North, to Dehradun. It is a valley and never a strong breeze blows. But temperatures drop very low, even then days are very sunny and bright. My first encounter with the dreaded fog which holds North India to ransom took place while traveling in the car in the very early morning from Dehradun to Chandigarh.

Fog is very treacherous. Dehradun weather was very clear but as soon as we reached a place called Selaqui about 20 kilometers towards west, nothing was visible. Whatever vehicles were there on the road, were trotting with emergency lights blinking. We followed a truck which became our guide but it also halted somewhere. Our Polo car announced by a alarm bell that the temperature has dropped below 4C.

We proceeded slowly. Keeping tabs on the white divider strips of the road. When we were nearing Nahan, suddenly the fog vanished and sun came out. It seemed that our eye sights have been restored suddenly.

We crossed the hills comfortably. But as soon as we entered the plains near Kala Amb again the it was all fog. There were burst of water jets from the trees when they shook due to passing of high vehicles. We heaved a sigh of relief after reaching our destination.



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