Mind Minds its own Business

By | October 30, 2012

The mind called “Mann” in Hindi, made from only two alphabets, is contains oceans in it which are so deep and vast in their extent. It exists physically or not, we are not sure. Even in this “Mann” is a component called “subconscious mind” which is like an ocean on which the “conscious mind” floats like an iceberg.  Conscious mind is so small in comparison to the subconscious mind. It stores all the past memories and suppressed emotions and saves us from the embarrassments the conscious mind can land us in.

Layers upon layers of memories are deposited with the passage of  time. These reams of memories are not deposited one upon another. There is an unknown architectural scheme for storing the data. Sometimes any disturbance or catalyst brings some memory floating up. It comes, surprises you, disturbs you, you earn to live in that moment again and for a time forget about the present. Suddenly the conscious mind taps you on your shoulders and reminds you about your present. The memory again sinks back and settles somewhere. Who knows how much is its resident time there? Whether it will come up ever again or be buried forever. Or someone shall again stir the settled memories and bring it up again.

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  1. simran

    I just discovered your blog….it is nice of you to share your thoughts via this blog. Apart from sharing your perspective with people who may be skimming through life and be too busy to dwell on anything at all, it is also a good way for you to arrest your own fleeting thoughts by delving into them than letting them flit away.


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