October 17, 2012


Aloe has a very long history of use. The sap was used medicinally by the Greeks and Romans, who obtained it from the island of Socotra. The Greek physician Dioscorides recorded the use of the leaves to treat wounds in the first century AD. Aloe had reached England by the 10th century, where it appears to have been one of the drugs recommended to Alfred the Great by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. In the early part of the 17th century, the records of the East India Company show payments for aloe being made to the King of Socotra, who held… Read More »Aloe

Missing the Times of India Mumbai Edition

Ever since I left Mumbai for Dehradun, I miss the Times of India and appended magazines published from Mumbai. The paper contained so many pages. First of all the main paper contained almost 35-40 pages. Then there is a Mumbai Mirror which was also more than 50 pages and smaller size was meant for carrying conveniently into the crowded trains or buses and read it to pass the long journeys to the office. Fortunately, I did not have to do the long journey so common in Mumbai for going to offices. I was addicted to the Chai time columns of… Read More »Missing the Times of India Mumbai Edition