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At Last

After so many days, I am surprised that I am able to open my blog. It has been fully restored. Statistics also indicate the sudden rise in the viewer although I have not been able to open it for a long time. I am surprised as well as feeling a peculiar kind of relief because so much my entries were there. It seemed that someone has looted me at gun point.

Censorship, if all, the authorities think unavoidable should be applied judiciously not en masse. At least they must check what are the contents of the blog and whether they are harmful. So many artists have suffered untold punishments for their works. Sometimes it is from the authorities in the power and at others religious, regional feeling seem to be violated by the writings.

Many a times I thought in the past, first compose the draft of the post in the word processor and keep a copy of that for safety but never doubted that such harsh things like blocking of the innocuous material blog can happen in India. India has been exemplary in terms of liberty except a few aberrations. The censorship also made us realize the plight of artists in the intolerant countries. It was like snatching of the liberty which we have become habitual with and started taking it granted.

Anyway, today I am very happy that things seemed to have become normal again.

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