Trees in Mumbai & Dehradun

The geographical locations of both the cities are very different. One that is Mumbai is sitting by the Arabian sea. Its importance is largely due to being a fine harbor. Thus it is a window through which India looks at the world. The city is hemmed in by the sea from all sides and hence has limitation in expanding in itself. So the population spills over to the mainland around it. Its weather is strongly affected by the breeze from the sea. Strong breeze breaks up at the noon time as the lighter hot air over the land is displaced by the cool air from the sea surface.

Dehradun on the other hand is nestled in the lap of Himalayas and is a valley. It is surrounded by lower Himalayas on North and West sides. Although it becomes very hot in the summers now, on the whole the weather is not so harsh as over the plains of Northern India. Being situated in the valley, hardly any breeze blows here.

I have lived very long years of my service in Mumbai and observed the flora over there. Now for the second time I am posted here in Dehradun. Due to the habit, the mind started to compare the flora of both places. First of all, the brain seeks to find the same trees at new place as were present in the older place.

I found some of these trees common at both places. But the look and color of leaves and flowers is different. The trees in Mumbai seem to be in haste of growing flowers. In this process they also wither away too fast. Winds aid this process. On the other hand, in Dehradun they seem to be taking their own time for maturing. They stay fresh for long periods. In fact, they seem to be like Yogis, simply serene and majestic, lost  in meditation being completely detached from the surroundings. Sometimes, it seems that they are standing still and waiting to be photographed. They are like the wallpapers on the computer screen.

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