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I have returned to Dehradun after a gap of 25 years. Like other cities in India, it has also changed a lot. Everywhere it is overcrowded. 25 years ago, there were only bicycles and scooters and life went on a leisurely pace. I remember that most of time, we used to walk down from our office. Now you cannot even walk on the roadsides without being constantly vigilant because of never ending traffic of cars, jeeps and scooters. Building activity is very high and rates of land have skyrocketed since the time Dehradun became the capital of Uttrakhand.

In the Paltan Bazaar the scene is still the same. There are lines of scooters parked in front of shops and only a small space is available for walking. You are constantly jostled by the crowds.

Some good things have also happened. Roads have been widened or new ones constructed. Bus stand have been shifted to outer place and it is at present clean. A very difficult step have been taken by the Government. The Chakrata road near Clock Tower had become a nightmare for the public. There was not a inch of it that was vacant. The road has been widened three times the dimensions of present road. In this process many shops have been razed.

The Rajpur road is very neat and clean. It has so many offices around it. As you move away towards Rajpur which is Tibetan dominated town, there is less crowd and area is full of fresh air.

Today, we visited Sahastardhara, a place around 16 kilometers away from the city. The road is very good and for last 4 kilometers is a serpentine one. There used to be no shops and eateries when I was in Dehradun 25 years earlier. The water of the springs contains sulfur and was thought to be good for the cure of skin disorders. Now the place has been fully commercialized. There are several shops selling inner wears, eateries selling tea, cold drinks and pakoras. And many restaurants serving lunch. The area around the rivulet is very dirty.

Only good thing was the ropeway. For hundred rupees it takes you to the top of a hill. At the top there are well maintained gardens, ozone park and playthings for children. There is a one temple also.

While returning we took a detour and came via Rajpur Road. My God, the whole road was fantastic. Equally good is the scenery. The route to my house is through the Army Cantonment area. This is very well kept and neat and clean.

I shall come again and again as I explore the more places.

Ranjit Singh

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