Cool and Fragrant Shade of Unknown Tree

Heat is building up rapidly and temperature is shooting up. Many trees like Amaltas, Gulmohur and cannonball are bearing beautiful flowers which seem to challenge the Sun‘s assault on the mother earth. Earth is parching up. The delicate flowers of spring season have begun to wither. Soon the grasses will be gone. The hills have become devoid of greenery. Every tree, plant and animal shall be looking up hands raised towards heavens.

In the morning, during walks, body begins to perspire profusely and within minutes you feel exhausted.The runnels of perspiration run though the back. The body desires for cool shades and water to rejuvenate.

I have found this tree during my walks. Its branches are covered with corpulent newly born leaves which are light green and shiny. The shade is very thick and cool. The boughs are laden with bunches of cream colored small flowers. These flowers fall like rain from the branches and ground is carpeted with them. There are birds which dart in and out of the boughs. I think they come here attracted by the cool shade fragrance of these flowers.

You will like to sit beneath the cool shade of these tree. Or you lie down and stare into its beautiful resplendent leaves and listened to the singing of the birds. The same air which is heating up due to the heartless sun becomes cool breeze under the shade and refresh your senses. Here are some of photographs.

6 thoughts on “Cool and Fragrant Shade of Unknown Tree”

    1. Madam
      Thanks so much. We belong to farmer family. But I luckily my parents who were completely alliterate, sent us to school. I did good in studies and got a good job in an oil company which took me away from the village life.
      But the love for nature never died. Whenever I find the opportunity I go to nature.Even in very mundane things, nature conceals beauty. Sometimes the basic landscape is the same but different weathers give it different dresses, so that you can click the different pictures of the same landscape.
      I wish you the best. God bless you with inner peace of mind and patience to face the events as they come. As the Buddha advised not to overly happy in happiness or overly sad in sadness.Follow the middle path.

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