New Leaves are Sprouting

After the winter comes the spring and sleeping nature wakes up and comes to life. As the poet, Shelley said in his ode to the West wind, had said it so truthfully “When the winter comes, can the spring be too far”. He must be an optimist and means to reassure his pensive reader saying that the moments of ups and downs are transitory.

Thus the interminable cycle of seasons goes on. In India, one can experience varied climates and seasons. Summers to harsh and unbearable, winter too cold in many parts of our country.

Even the advent of a season is reacted to differently by different species. Some trees here have been in a hurry and already have shed their foliage and are supporting lush green translucent leaves. Like the lots of us humans, some trees especially the ficus religiosa are still shedding their old leaves.

New leaves

During these days here, a strong breeze blows in the day. It constantly knocks down the drying leaves. The whole ground beneath the trees is strewn with dry leaves. Not only that. These leaves are swept here and there by the wind and make a very peculiar sound as they are tossed against the surface of the earth.

Still the tree is patiently waiting and no new leaves come out till whole of the old leaves fall away and tree is completely devoid of them. It is as if the tree is undergoing some sort of self purification ritual and only when it is completely free of all the impurities, it shall wear the new leaves. These leaves are very beautiful initially. With the deficiency of chlorophyll, their color is reddish brown and the leaves are semi transparent. They shimmer when the wind gently shakes them.

Days after days, months after months, and year after year, the same cycle of the events is repeated by the nature with a correction here and there. I have seen so many of these seasons. So much light I have taken inside my body. The body which is past the youth. Different types of aliments are rearing their heads and are trying to overtake.

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