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New Leaves are Sprouting

After the winter comes the spring and sleeping nature wakes up and comes to life. As the poet, Shelley said in his ode to the West wind, had said it so truthfully “When the winter comes, can the spring be too far”. He must be an optimist and means to reassure his pensive reader saying that the moments of ups and downs are transitory.

Thus the interminable cycle of seasons goes on. In India, one can experience varied climates and seasons. Summers to harsh and unbearable, winter too cold in many parts of our country.

Even the advent of a season is reacted to differently by different species. Some trees here have been in a hurry and already have shed their foliage and are supporting lush green translucent leaves. Like the lots of us humans, some trees especially the ficus religiosa are still shedding their old leaves.

During these days here, a strong breeze blows in the day. It constantly knocks down the drying leaves. The whole ground beneath the trees is strewn with dry leaves. Not only that. These leaves are swept here and there by the wind and make a very peculiar sound as they are tossed against the surface of the earth.

Still the tree is patiently waiting and no new leaves come out till whole of the old leaves fall away and tree is completely devoid of them. It is as if the tree is undergoing some sort of self purification ritual and only when it is completely free of all the impurities, it shall wear the new leaves. These leaves are very beautiful initially. With the deficiency of chlorophyll, their color is reddish brown and the leaves are semi transparent. They shimmer when the wind gently shakes them.

Days after days, months after months, and year after year, the same cycle of the events is repeated by the nature with a correction here and there. I have seen so many of these seasons. So much light I have taken inside my body. The body which is past the youth. Different types of aliments are rearing their heads and are trying to overtake.


Plants are very Smart Indeed

Plants are very smart, efficient and unforgiving in the energy management. Unlike the animals, who cannot regrow their limbs, plants see to it that inefficient leaves are cast off and replaced by new efficient one’s so that the food making machine continue to run smoothly. The leaves make the food by combining carbon dioxide and water in the presence of chlorophyll which shepherds the energy from sun and store it in the plant. Animals make use of this energy by eating the plant parts. This pigment imparts green color to the leaves and masks the faint colors of other chemicals like caroteneoids.

As soon as, the plant know that the a given leaf is under performing, it gradually decrease the supply of chlorophyll and also reclaims whatever it can of the other components. Gradually the color of leaf begins to become yellowish and it looses it strength and fall off the branch. Older leaves are constantly replenished and plant continues to make its food.

When the winter comes, the Sun is hardly visible because sky is mostly overcast. So the plants plan to shut down the food making factories. They withdraw the chlorophyll from the leaves and like polar bears go into a state of hibernation. Leaves acquire beautiful brown, reddish and yellowish hues due to the waning of the effect of chlorophyll. As the winter recedes, Sun comes out, the food making is resumed.

So Much Water has flown under the Bridge

It has seriously long while, I have written something in the blog though have wrote many things on the Facebook. Every time, I opened my blog page, I thought of writing something but it seems that some unseen force is holding my hand. Also whatever I have written till date seems all very frivolous when I look back at it.

It is just to begin again, I am trying my hand. Sometimes, the life I am leading seems so purposeless. I ask myself is this what you call life. Sometimes feels like running away to somewhere where nary a soul knows me. All this requires crossing a barrier just like the chemical reactions the reactants have to gather enough energy from heat or other sources to overcome the summit of energy of activation. After this it is all downhill.

Meanwhile, I have almost finished the book “City of Djinns” by William Dalrymple. What a writer!. The book reveals such unknown facts about Delhi. I am very much happy that at last after so many days I have read one good book.

I read very slowly because I meditate too much over the prose. I am surprised to hear some friends saying that they have read such and such book during the flight of 2 hours or in a day. It must be an injustice to the author who God knows had spent so many days collecting the facts for writing the book. Let the book be read slowly, and it shall reveal the nuances much better.

Thank God I have returned again, I seem to be able to catching some words from the hordes which are flying thickly around the paper and placing them on the paper at last.