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Neo-Rich Mentality

Take two persons belonging to Northern India and Western or South India having same amount of money and resources at their disposal, the one’s from North shall flaunt it no ends. I have been writing this after experiencing first hand the scene in the city which boasted of being the most systematically planned cities in India. When they come to road in their newly acquired cars, they think that they are the rulers of the road. You can easily spot the person in the driving seat, holding the cellphone to ear with one hand and steering with the other. These are not stray incidents but a regular feature. Car veers here and there. But since the car is of saloon class or SUV class, people with smaller vehicles have to make their own efforts to be safe.
Parking is chaos. Wherever one likes, the car is parked. Most of the time vehicles are parked on the sides of roads. Women are worst in driving. They don’t even bother to peer in the mirrors provided for looking at the vehicles trailing behind. They honk and activate the direction signal at the last moment.
On the signals, it is already becoming horrible. The volume of traffic is so high that lines of vehicles snake miles. I sometimes imagine what shall happen on a Mumbai road with a signal time as long as 2 minutes. But Mumbai despite the extremely intense volume of traffic has matured enough in the traffic rules. The traffic sense here in the North is very poor.

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