Shrinivas Khale Leaves this world

One of the most respected music composers of Marathi has passes away. The end came on 2nd September 2011. He was living in Thane near Mumbai. He was called “Kaka Khale” with love by his fans. He gave quality music to the audience of Marathi language. Every composition was so beautiful and steeped in the classical music that even a non Marathi like me will be swayed by his music. I heard many songs composed by him.

First of all, I listened “Ya Chimmanyanno” and I was mesmerism by the beginning music. The haunting music which went so well with the theme of the song. The song in which a mother is beseeching her children who have grown and have left her and are not with her. Just like the brood of birds leaves the nest as soon as they grow up, never to return. At that time I was searching Lata’s Marathi songs. Then I got introduced to the music of Khale.

After this there was a number of beautiful songs which I listened again and again. Some of them are”Lajoone Hasne”, “Lala Jivach Sabache Khote” and so many others. He also set the tune of many poems written by Marathi poet B.R.Tambe. These have been sung so soulfully by Lata Mangeshkar.

He even brought together the two greats Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Lata Mangeshkar together to sing a devotional album called “Ram Shyam Gun Gaan”. The present popular music composer Shanker Mahadevan is the disciple of Khale. Shanker Mahadevan is so versatile that he has done some brilliant singing in Marathi.

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