September 2011

Pappu Sain: The Ethereal Dhol Player

Many of us must have seen on television the whirling Dervishes of Turkey. This whirling is said to be form of meditation and the Dervishes are called Sufis. Sufism also flourished in the India and there had been great Sufi saints like Kabir, Guru Nanak, Baba Bulleh Shah and Baba Farid in the subcontinent. They were not bound by the narrow walls erected by the religious bigots who preach that their faith is on;y true one and rest others are fake. One thing about Sufism is that a devotee treats himself as a woman separated from her Husband or Khasam… Read More »Pappu Sain: The Ethereal Dhol Player

Shrinivas Khale Leaves this world

One of the most respected music composers of Marathi has passes away. The end came on 2nd September 2011. He was living in Thane near Mumbai. He was called “Kaka Khale” with love by his fans. He gave quality music to the audience of Marathi language. Every composition was so beautiful and steeped in the classical music that even a non Marathi like me will be swayed by his music. I heard many songs composed by him. First of all, I listened “Ya Chimmanyanno” and I was mesmerism by the beginning music. The haunting music which went so well with… Read More »Shrinivas Khale Leaves this world