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June 2011

Sepia Memories from Bollywood

Mumbai Mirror, a very popular news paper from Times of India Group, is bringing on every Wednesday a photo article on the rare sepia colored photos which had been shot by the ace lens man Jagdish Aurangabadkar on different occasions. These photos bring out the different moods, personalities and the clothing style made popular by the stars or became their trademark. Besides each photograph, is the analyses of various personalities seen in the picture. The analyses seem to be very penetrating and the person doing has a very keen eye for the details. Here are some examples. Cricket and Gentlemen.… Read More »Sepia Memories from Bollywood

Madhubani Paintings

About 70% of Indian population still lives in villages. Agriculture and its related cottage industries is the main occupations of the inhabitants of the villagers. Since the times immemorial, the village folks lead a simple life and most of the work is manual. In many areas, the agriculture is dependent on the good weather and timely change in the weather. Most of the populace also rears animals which meet their many needs like milk, milk products like butter, sweets and ghee. This means that if the crops are good, and animals are providing articles of the necessity, the rural folk… Read More »Madhubani Paintings

Chinese Love this Delicacy

Soups made from bird nest seems to incredulous. Bird nests are usually made from twigs and other materials which are inedible by humans. But believe it that there are nests made by some birds called Swiftlets, which are used to make soups in China and this soup is amongst one of most expensive food items in the bird. Swiftlets are very small birds belonging to Collocallini tribe. They are mostly the inhabitants of South Asia and Australia. They live in the seashore caves. Most of these caves in the limestone rocks. The birds use echolocation technique to navigate inside deep… Read More »Chinese Love this Delicacy

Haffkine Institute

Named after Russian doctor, Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine, Haffkine Research Institute, located in Parel, Mumbai, is one of the oldest institutions in India. It was the same doctor who had developed the plague vaccine in Paris where he was the student of the great scientist Luis Pasteur. He arrived in India in the year March 1893 when the cholera epidemic had gripped Bengal. The doctor fought a valiant battle and treated thousands of the patients. In 1896, the epidemic of plague hit Mumbai and Pune. Impressed by the work of doctor Haffkine in Calcutta, the services of the doctor were enlisted… Read More »Haffkine Institute

Again Seem to have lost my bearings

It is many days. I am procrastinating, putting the things on the back burner. There seems to be no definite clear cut path. It seems I am standing at circle whence from innumerable paths issue in all directions. Which one to follow, I am in utter confusion. I cry for help but it is like crying in a dream. You cannot even speak only your muscles are twitching . You don’t even know because no one ever comes to soothe you. I feel helpless because things are not in my control. I go to bed with so many unresolved problems.… Read More »Again Seem to have lost my bearings

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