May 2011

Description of Early Bombay nee’ Mumbai

This information is given about Bombay in the Imperial Gazetteer during the period 1908 to 1930. During this period a frenzied activity was taking place resulting in the development of a city which is nowadays known as the commercial capital of India. In the historical context, originally Bombay formed the outer portion of the Kingdom Aparanta or North Konkan and was ruled by King Asoka. He was succeeded by Satavahanas, who ruled this area in the second century AD. After this the succession of rules belonging to Mauriya, Chaulakyas and Rashtrakutas. The original inhabitants of the place are Kolis which… Read More »Description of Early Bombay nee’ Mumbai

Khada Parsi Statue

That the Parsis are the architects of developing the Bombay is not a overstatement. This community which is known for honesty and great entrepreneurship was encouraged by British to settle in Bombay from Gujarat. They have made an immense contribution to the city. Besides being the entrepreneurs, the Parsis have been great philanthropists and opened many hospitals, educational institutions and bridges for the populace of Bombay. Although still they are a dominant force in the commerce, their population is dwindling which is matter of concern. There are many statues erected by them in the city in the memory of great… Read More »Khada Parsi Statue

Tagore on Celluloid

Year 2010 was the 150 year of Gurudeb Rabindranath’s birthday. Celebrations were conducted all over India and still continuing.  Many works of Rabindranath Tagore has been made into films. In fact his works seem to the most favored subjects for film adaptations. Many films were made in the initial phase of beginning of talkies based on his works. The examples are notable adaptations like Chirakumar Sabha (1932), Sodh Bodh (1942), Gora (1938), Choker Bali (1938) and Naukadubi (1947) for which prints are not available and restoration is urgently required. During the second half of the 20th century, many more films… Read More »Tagore on Celluloid

The more the Merrier

When Dharmendra wanted to wed Hema Malini, which was illegal as he already had a wife, he took recourse to convert to Islam which allowed him to have more than one wives.  If you are affluent, you can circumvent any obstacle and do whatever you want to do. The original woman did not have the courage to oppose and was resigned to her fate. These type of social aberrations occur regularly but go unreported unless the person involved is a celebrity. There are arguments for and against for this kind of behavior but such stories provide the entertainment and public… Read More »The more the Merrier

Hummingbirds: The extraordinary birds

Hummingbirds are most beautiful birds endowed with dazzling colors and hues. But these birds seem to be consigned to the extreme life because at the end of the day, they are so exhausted that it is not sure whether or not they will live to see the another day. Their humming near the flowers in which they insert their specialized beaks to suck the nectar while steadying themselves by constantly flapping their wings, seems like a fluid motion poetry. It is sight to behold. They can fly forward and backward, up and down manoeuvrings come as easily to them. So… Read More »Hummingbirds: The extraordinary birds

Jagdish Khebudkar Passes Away

77 years old Jagdish Khebudkar, eminent litterateur and lyricist of Marathi cinema, passed away due to renal failure. He was undergoing dialysis for renal ailment in a private hospital in Kohlapur. He was a teacher by profession. During his half century long association with Marathi film industry, he wrote 2500 songs. He wrote songs in the masterpiece films like V.Shantaram’s Pinjara. Some of Khebudkar’s most memorable Marathi songs were written for the films Kunku Lavte Mahercha, Bijli, Don Baika Phajeeti Aika, Samna and Manaacha Mujra.He also wrote songs for the Marathi remakes of “Roja” and “Hey Ram” He wrote his… Read More »Jagdish Khebudkar Passes Away