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April 2011

History Lies in Ruins

I have been treading this path for many years now. I go for morning walks in that area because it is so peaceful away from the cacophony of Highway noises. There are woods in which the vegetation has been left to grow unhindered and unbridled. The vines have coiled themselves around the trunks of the thick trees as if to strangulate them and snatch the dominance from them. The ground beneath is strewn with the seams of leaves which have fallen from the trees branches continuously over the years. These have formed a thick mat on the ground. In the… Read More »History Lies in Ruins

Anand Bakshi: Master of Simplicity

One lyricist dominated the Hindi films scene as no one has done before and after till yet. His name was Anand Bakshi. From seventies to the end of 2nd millennium, he penned innumerable songs for Hindi films. So many of his songs were instant hits. The secret lies, I think, in simple words and day to day human chat which touched the chords in simple folks. Many songs were describing the simple dialogues between two lovers on the trivial things like color of bangles and clothes. It may be due to the fact that he was a Punjabi and simplicity… Read More »Anand Bakshi: Master of Simplicity

From VT to Thane

The suburban railways are the lifeline of Mumbai’s transport network. The system is divided into three different sections serving the Mumbai and suburbs. These are Western, Central and Harbor railway lines. Today about 7 million people travel by the suburban trains daily to their work place in the city and back to their homes. The trains are overcrowded during the rush hours with people packed like sardines. A person has to be physically agile and fit for boarding the train in the morning hours. During rush hours, even with the trains running at 2 to 3 minutes frequency, the platforms… Read More »From VT to Thane

Dhaka Muslins

Muslins of Dhaka were famous for centuries. Dr James Taylor published an exhaustive account of the muslin from Dhaka in 1851. He writes that skein of yarn which an local weaver measured before him proved to be 250 miles per one pound of cotton. A method to measure the fineness of these was to pass it through the ring worn by ladies. He writes that staples are shorter in comparison to the ones produced in America and hence were not suited for machine weaving, however, the Indian weavers produced the beautiful effect by hand weaving method. The Dhaka cotton expands… Read More »Dhaka Muslins

It is Gurudeb Tagore all the way

Gurudeb Rabindra Nath Tagore is the only poet credited with having his poems adopted as National Anthems of two countries: India and Bangladesh. Gurudeb’s entire life was soaked in the poetry and music. If India were not divided in 1947 into India & Pakistan whose one limb was East Pakistan, Gurudeb would have been the poet of India and East Pakistan area which was in fact East Bengal. Gurudeb Tagore’s family was aristocratic family and He did not attend the schools to get the formal education. He was tutored at home and by Nature when he was visiting his properties… Read More »It is Gurudeb Tagore all the way

Famed Silk of Assam

For some people, Assam is synonymous with tea. It is not an under statement, it is true because the tea of Assam travels all over the world. Assam tea is known for its strength and Darjeeling tea on the other hand is famous for its aroma. When two are blended in right proportions, magic is created. The people in Assam like their tea brew without any milk added to it. They call it “Lal cha”, the red tea liquor due to beautiful red color. This brew has been proved to be very good for health as it contains many chemicals… Read More »Famed Silk of Assam

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