March 28, 2011

The Pink Visitors in the City

Flamingos with their pink plumage are the annual visitors to the mudflats of Seweri Mumbai. This visit this place in the month of March every year. They arrive here from Rann of Kutchh. This is a treat to watch and an assurance that everything is not lost on the environment front. They come here and since some of us are bent upon destroying the habitat of flora and fauna we are surprised and feel happy about their arrival. They are our guests and that they visit every year, we have to make their visit comfortable. As you know, the Mumbai… Read More »The Pink Visitors in the City

Yogesh: The Wizard of Words

Manna Dey, the great classical master, is singing “Kuchh Aise bhi Pal Hoten Hain” in a very old program on DD Bharati. It was a time of black and white television and live singing. He is on harmonium with a small notebook opened on the harmonium. He is weaving a magic. The words of the song are so simple but meaning is very deep. I asked myself who had penned these beautiful lyrics. On searching the internet after a while I found out that lyricist is Yogesh. Remember him or not? As we say that a man’s work speaks on… Read More »Yogesh: The Wizard of Words