Life is becoming difficult

Life is demanding heavy price and is becoming villainous as the age is increasing. The body is becoming weaker and less capable of resisting the attacks mounted by ailments which were at bay when the body was strong. With each passing day, new ailments are sprouting. Suddenly this winter there is a pain in the knee while walking, the right arm got frozen in the summer and there is a problem in teeth and passing the urine and sugar levels in the blood streams are rising. And the popular adage in the programmers’ circle that whatever comes by itself usually goes away by itself does not seem applicable in the case of life. I think whatever is coming and visiting this body loves to stay here because the body is not a strong owner now who once shooed away these visitors.

Also I was wrong in assuming that life will be easy and without any care when we will retire but it is not the case. We have become so much accustomed to our office that it seems to us an inseparable part of the life. When we will retire, a sudden shock will happen and from that day we will be jobless, money will stop to flow and we will have to start expending whatever we have amassed over these years. But we will have to be very careful and every single penny will assume importance. This reserve will start sinking. Frugality will become the key word. How the time will pass without work is unimaginable at present but we will be powerless.


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