Monkeys on TV

As if Saas Bahu programs who have hooked the plain Indian housewives were not enough, there are what are called the reality programs. Many of the housewives are so enamored by these shows that they confuse reel life with real life.

Many are getting ideas for the roles of Saas they are going to play soon or are already playing. There are shows with Gujarati and Punjabi flavors in which the parents, uncles and aunts are obsessed by one thought only and that is the marriage of the children. Marriages are the leitmotifs of these serials.

There is glut of Bhangra, Gurudwara, Waheguru, Dandia and Garba  ib these serials. The women are dressed, painted garishly even during mournings.  The applause of audience is so well timed that one can easily make out it to be recorded.

The TV channels in India stand for reality shows. God knows where is the reality. Since they have to maintain one upmanship, they being even weird shows, add a bollywood celebrity and the show is ready.

For example, one show is being telecast on a channel featuring the self styled King Khan. The show is poor copy of 50 years old games program from Germany which had its own charm. Shah Rukh is a complete misfit for the job. Javed Jaffery would have been thousand times better.

Then there is another program which is complete copy of “Minute to Win” which is telecast on the AXN channel. Even the voices by the anchors and announcers follow the same format. They know that so many TV addicts in India watch only Indian Channels.

Similarly there are dance competitions on the lines of foreign TV channels. Then there was a program on cooking called “Master Chef India”  in which best chef was selected. Again the same program was appearing on a English TV channel. Only difference was that Akshay, who was the compere of the program, munched a carrot like a monkey.

God save the Indians.

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