February 2011

Infinity: Is it the New Chilli King?

Records in today’s world do not remain unbeaten for long. This may be because the communication has become almost instant and in the olden times things existed but were not known to man. The hottest chilli of the world record was held by India’s “Bhoot Jolokia” till a few days back. Now the news has come of another variety of chilli which has been found to be even hotter than the Indian king. And the surprising thing is that it has been found in the England which is so much cooler than India which has temperate to extreme climates and… Read More »Infinity: Is it the New Chilli King?

There is a change outside

Here in Bombay, one can smell a whiff of change in the weather. We live away from Panvel on way to Pune from Bombay. It is very close to sea coast and many rivers which empty into the sea pass nearby the town. The weather in the past must have been cooler because there were stables for horses which participated in the races at Mahalaxmi Race Course in Bombay. Now off course, one can see the horse vans going and coming from Pune which has a fair weather. There are hills all around , a feature of Konkan region which… Read More »There is a change outside

Monkeys on TV

As if Saas Bahu programs who have hooked the plain Indian housewives were not enough, there are what are called the reality programs. Many of the housewives are so enamored by these shows that they confuse reel life with real life. Many are getting ideas for the roles of Saas they are going to play soon or are already playing. There are shows with Gujarati and Punjabi flavors in which the parents, uncles and aunts are obsessed by one thought only and that is the marriage of the children. Marriages are the leitmotifs of these serials. There is glut of… Read More »Monkeys on TV