On the razor’s edge

There is a crossing in front of ONGC colony gate at Panvel on the old Mumbai Pune highway. Its purpose is to allow the safe passage to road users from colony to cross the highly busy main road while going in the Pune direction and coming from the office located opposite and from Panvel to enter colony. There are live signals on this crossing.

But your heart will start beating very fast and prayers will begin to be issued from your lips when you undertake any of the mentioned crossings. The time of signal is about 15 seconds. Even that is enough considering the small traffic as compared to the huge one on the highway. But no one on the highway heeds the signals. Worst offenders are the three wheelers and motorcycle drivers.

The situation is such that even in the green signal you will not be allowed to cross the road. Bus drivers of Mahrashtra state transport corporation with such heavy buses never bother to stop and have a look at the signal. When one breaks the signals others automatically follow.

The traffic police never posts anyone here for minding the traffic. They are seen here but not guiding and teaching the people but only booking the people for the incomplete documents. This exercise is always done just away from the signal and rule breakers slip away with impunity.

Although these pictures are not clear but they give enough indication about the fearless behavior of the drivers on the main highway. They disregard the traffic signals completely.

Not only that. There are big banners hoisted by all the political parties on all the corners of signal. These banners completely block the view on the road making the crossing even more perilous with the riders coming on the main road at neck breaking speeds. If you cross the road safely you consider yourself lucky. But luck is never the same for everyone. The need is to post a traffic constable on the regular basis and also educate the rural people who are major offenders.

Ranjit Singh

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