Vanraj Bhatia: The Genius who did not Get his due

Vanraj Bhatia is a music maestro of India. No one can forget his haunting melodies in selected movies he gave his music. Take “Manthan“, “Junoon” and other classical movies and immediately you will be transported to those time when many brilliant directors like Shyam Benegal made beautiful movies and Vanraj Bhatia provided music. Melodies still haunt.

I consider, him a genius who has not got his due. This happened to many others like him who won’t compromise and worked with directors who gave them complete freedom to unleash their creativity. A cursory search on you tube reveals only two pages of displaying his work which is mostly religious songs and songs of Junoon, Manthan movies.

He is the first music director to compose the music for an Indian advertisement. Till date he has composed jingles for over 7000 ad films. I feel very bad that we have not heard more gems from him had he got chance to compose music for more movies. He displayed a vast array of musical styles in the brief  body of work he had done for the films.

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