While Riding a bus

I was in Panchkula a few days ago. I had to go to Chandigarh from there. Transport service is not good.You have to shell seventy to eighty rupees if you want to go immediately and have to catch an auto-rickshaw. A few rickshaw drivers park their vehicles and wait for any stray passenger. They sit in a group and play cards to while away the time. It must be very boring for them. There are simply not many takers of rickshaws. This is because most of the residents in the area have their own vehicles.

I decided to take the bus however long I have to wait. Bus came and thankfully it was not crowded because it was in the afternoon. I got a seat in the front next to the door. The problem with the bus is that it takes a sinuous route throughout Panchkula covering almost every sector. So the crow’s distance of about 5 kilometers becomes 25 kilometers.

When the bus was nearing my intended stop, one stop behind a labor boy came and stood in the steps of the bus obviously to alight at the stop. He was having a tiffin box in his hand and was bearing a black colored shirt. On the back was written following sentence.

“I was born intelligent but education ruined me”.

I began remembering the great humorist and novelist, Mark Twain who often quoted that education is not a great thing. It is not necessary that a successful person must be educated. So many examples can be cited about the business magnates and successful leaders and actors who were not educated at all. Rabindranath Tagore did not go to any school for formal education, Akbar the Great and Asoka were illiterates but so wise and able.

But I strongly doubt that the boy who was wearing this shirt have been able to go to any school. His parents must have been very poor otherwise in India parents can remain hungry to save money for the education of his children. Like so many people, his parents must have come here from Bihar or Eastern U.P. to earn a good living. Everyone dreams of good education for his children. Whether the children like it or not is another matter.

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