November 2010

While Riding a bus

I was in Panchkula a few days ago. I had to go to Chandigarh from there. Transport service is not good.You have to shell seventy to eighty rupees if you want to go immediately and have to catch an auto-rickshaw. A few rickshaw drivers park their vehicles and wait for any stray passenger. They sit in a group and play cards to while away the time. It must be very boring for them. There are simply not many takers of rickshaws. This is because most of the residents in the area have their own vehicles. I decided to take the… Read More »While Riding a bus


Who says that persons who are not known to each other, who have met only by chance are strangers. Two persons living in the same space within the walls of house can even be more stranger to one another. Not only that, the strangeness can develop after the intimacy. The persons can drift apart slowly and slowly without even realizing till it becomes a point of no return. They sit near each other physically but immure themselves in the impenetrable shells. They think their own thoughts which never leak and mix with one another. There is a complete distrust between… Read More »Strangers

What Can be Done?

It is case of grin and bear it. Nobody can change your personality traits at this stage because these have become tempered with the vagaries of the time. If you try to change the other person, he or she becomes even more alert and opposes the efforts with double force. The person thinks that he is being scapegoat or that other one is at fault. So, it is better not to even think of undertaking the wild adventure. Bear the onslaughts with grace. Do not reciprocate and try to be cool. Else it is you who will be the loser.… Read More »What Can be Done?