Sometimes there are compulsions which make a person to do what he or she never have done otherwise. He or she does it for the sake and survival of the dependents. Mostly, in our society, the victim is a woman.

This is about a woman who is married and has two children. She and her husband are migrants here. And you know how the migrants live in insecurity and fear. These days there is no dearth of trouble makers and issues of expelling the outsiders raise their heads time and again. So, the poor have to live the life of compromise. Then they accept the exploitation as their lot and learn to live knowing everything.

I observed the person who is a local and a contractor and his behavior seemed strange. He will not be seen whole day when his employees are working for him attending the complaints. I always found that he will come after everybody has gone and it is becoming dark.

He entered the house where the woman lived. He will be there for quite sometime. Given the circumstances, there is absolutely no reason for him going there. He does not have any relation with them, neither there is any thing which is common between them. Only thing is that woman’s residence is just opposite the contractors office. It must have been very planned affair. He seems so silent and aloof otherwise. May be he does not want to be friendly with others.

When she has to shift house, he was found coming from that place also. The man of house is out at this time and works as auto driver outside. But, I am sure he also knows about but fears and has realized that status quo is the safest option under the given circumstances. The contractor is related to strongmen of the area and anything can happen. There are small children and one becomes very helpless and coward for the sake of the happiness of their children.


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