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Has the God Forgotten?

It is raining incessantly. I have lost count of the number of days. Not only Bombay for which this is a normal phenomena, but the whole country is under the clouds. People in the North are novices in the matter of rains and with so much of it on their hands they are completely stunned. It seems that whole of the North India is submerged under the sea.

Why so much water is coming down? Have the sins in India increased infinitely and nature is desperately trying to cleanse the earth. It seems that water requirement is much more to purge the sins. Because, sins breed more sins. Corruption breed more corruption. These are contagious maladies. Everyone is resorting to cheating and unfair means to become successful, to become affluent, to become healthy overnight. To take the advantage of this predicament of people, everywhere some clever persons have become gurus. India is so profusely populated that thousands and thousands of people are available for every guru. There is no fear yet of professional rivalries yet. The shop of every Guru is doing very good business.

Then there are groups of people who looks after the protection of nature. They are hawks and degenerated into the groups of blackmailers. You can get every kind of environment pollution clearance by shelling the money. They claim that soon our environment will heat up, glaciers will melt and resultant water will submerge the earth. Soon the water will be boiling and we will be scalded in this hot water like the chickens and ducks. According to them, we are running out of time very fast, our chickens are soon to arrive to roost. We will either get scalded or will drown.

But the facts are indicative of otherwise. Every theory is liable to change as more and more evidence to the contrary comes builds up. Why only the theory, even laws can change. Take for example the case of Newton’s laws, they have been reduced to theory as we have entered into the micro and mega arena of the universe. These laws break down there. Similarly, theory of evolution by Darwin has been found to have holes. Gradual imperceptible change is giving way to the bursts of intense activity and then there is hiatus. This has been proved by many scientists like Dr.Gould who has shown that evolution was not gradual but happened in the intense bursts in which in a short period so many things happened and then there was a period of stabilization. This is what is happening now. The earth, itself has not stabilized yet. There are unspent forces residing in its belly and from time to time they materialize to do Harakiri or seppuku on themselves and neutralize by doing so much devastation on the surface.

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