May 2010

Nature in Panvel Colony

In the beginning when this colony was handed over to Estate, there were few takers. Such is the lure of Mumbai city where people come with dreams in their eyes that anyone who was transferred to Mumbai wanted to live in the metropolis. Stars dance in the eyes of the people coming here. Panvel being the remote village, poorly connected and far off place distracted the people at that time. But during 1990 and 1991, when transfers happened on large scale, the colony began to swell with people. A stage came when there was not a single vacant flat. It… Read More »Nature in Panvel Colony

Parvathy Baul

The name is a fusion of two cultures, two art forms.¬† The proper name Parvathy belongs to south India and the suffix is the title of the wandering mystic minstrels from Bengal. Actually the real name of the girl is Moushami and she belongs to Bengali Brahmin family. Bauls philosophy is that like the end result, journey is equally important. They don’t need any instruments or the usual rules controlling the songs. They sing what comes from the heart without any care¬† of anything else. When she was a student, she happened to listen to a Baul singing in the… Read More »Parvathy Baul