Sinister Side of the Monkey’s Nature

A few days, I mentioned about the monkey who is always found clinging to a bitch and her puppies. All this seems strange and scary in itself. In the  casual manner, one thinks sympathetically. He has been left alone, with other of his family members gone. He has been left to fend for him. When this happened, he was very small himself and was bitten by dogs  but he survived somehow. Now he is grown up.

He is very clever. He has made the bitch and her children captives. If you see the pups, they are in very bad health and look very scrawny. Whole day one can hear the cries and shrieks of puppies as he is pestering them and torturing them to amuse himself. He pulls their ears, jerks their tails, rides piggyback on the frail puppies. Whenever they make an attempt to escape, he pulls them by the legs. He lets them to pick up the bread pieces and them will snatch it from them. All this he is doing when the bitch is away in search of food.

The most repelling is the sight when the bitch returns to the puppies. He does not allow them to suckle her. He himself is sucking the milk from her tits. He will not let her sit and kick and jerk her so that she stands up and he them drinks the milk.  This is the reason why the puppies are very weak and on the verge of being decimated. Firstly, I was thinking that he is playing and trying to find company to ward off his  loneliness, but there is so much more to it. I have read about some ants who rear caterpillars and provide it from  the food in turn for getting rich secretions from him. He is kept captive like the husbandman who rears the animals for dairy products.

Ranjit Singh

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