April 2010

Downfall of Tharoor

In 1991, I was posted to Bombay on my transfer from Silchar Assam. There was apprehension in my mind how I will cope up with the environment of most advanced city and financial capital of India after living in such a nondescript place as Silchar located in the border area adjoining Bangladesh. In fact, it is almost inaccessible all the times from rest of India. We belong to Chandigarh in North India and reaching the place was an tasking job. First go to Delhi, proceed by train to Calcutta. By the time we reached Calcutta, flights to North East already… Read More »Downfall of Tharoor

Doyen of Assamese Films

Assam and its sister states namely Meghalya, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh & Nagaland jointly called 7 sisters once upon a time constituted only one state and were known as Assam only. Like every other state and great diversity of cultures in India, Assam and its sister states have preserved their unique culture alive. One reason for this is lesser contact with rest of the country due to nature of terrain and Central government’s apathy for years. Despite being very rich in resources, the area has not seen the prosperity due to it. The most important ingredients for an area… Read More »Doyen of Assamese Films

Not only Men

“The Bird Detective” is a book written by Bridget Stutchbury, a biologist in Canada. The book, it is claimed, has been written after extensive research and reveals many startling facts about the habits of birds especially songbirds. Evidence exists already that females of some birds cheat on their partners. This was confirmed by DNA fingerprinting of birds and their chicks to ascertain the fatherhood. There is a reference to this in the chapter “DNA fingerprinting” in the book “The Magic Universe” by Nigel Calder. This books dispels many myths about the birds behavior. The belief that birds pair up for… Read More »Not only Men

Buddhist Caves at Karle

Karla, Karle or Karli as it is known by different names is a small village just beyond Lonavala on the Bombay Poona Road. The village is also known as Vihar Gaon. The village sits in the lap of hills and is famous for Buddhist caves. You have to walk a steep path leading to the caves and it leaves you panting and gasping for breath. But experience in the Caves just offsets this laborious walk. There are many caves bigger and smaller ones. Biggest resembles inside of a church consisting of nave and side aisles. Under the semi-dome is dogaba… Read More »Buddhist Caves at Karle

Karamnasa River

The rivers in India are considered very holy. People worship them because they sustain the lives by providing water for irrigation, bringing with them very fertile soil. Water which sustains the life on this planet. All the great civilizations had prospered along the banks of rivers. In the Indian subcontinent, Indus valley civilization prospered on the banks of the great river Indus. Living near the river had many advantages. Agriculture was carried out near the rivers. Nile provides the Egypt with its fertile land along its banks else rest of the Egypt is dry and unsuitable for agriculture. The Punjab… Read More »Karamnasa River

Sinister Side of the Monkey’s Nature

A few days, I mentioned about the monkey who is always found clinging to a bitch and her puppies. All this seems strange and scary in itself. In the  casual manner, one thinks sympathetically. He has been left alone, with other of his family members gone. He has been left to fend for him. When this happened, he was very small himself and was bitten by dogs  but he survived somehow. Now he is grown up. He is very clever. He has made the bitch and her children captives. If you see the pups, they are in very bad health… Read More »Sinister Side of the Monkey’s Nature

Alphonso Mangoes

It is the month of April and mangoes have made their appearance in Mumbai. India boasts of maximum number of cultivars and varieties of this fruit which can easily claim the title of king of fruits. Its juice is full of sweetness and some varieties have the tinge of sour taste. In Maharasthra, Karnataka and Andhra states the mangoes have developed and green raw fruits are hanging from the branches. Mangoes are used in innumerable ways. Raw fruits are sour and are used to make drinks which soaks the heat  from the body nd cools you in the simmering heat.… Read More »Alphonso Mangoes


Writing does not come easily. Thoughts jostle with one another in the brain. Confusion abounds in the head. Everything is hazy. Threads of thoughts seemed to be entangled on one another. Incoherent stream of them is what comes out. Inside there is overcrowding of thoughts, because the thinking process is unending, but it seems that they don’t want t0 leave the brain. They seem to be pushing one another out. Occasionally, some thoughts come popping out and spill on to the paper. The ink hardly dries from pen because the words do not flow like torrents but just as a… Read More »Thoughts