Strange Case of Pups & Monkey

Till recently, in our colony, there were 4 monkeys who made the life of residents a nightmare. They used the TV cables as rope ways for crossing over from building to another. They jumped on the branches of trees and also squatted on the parked cars. They were looking in the car mirrors and preening themselves. They will rummage through garbage bins and also sometimes if some windows remained opened for air into the house, they entered into the house. There they tinkered with the remotes and other gadgets. They were very difficult to be shooed away. Women were very scared on them unlike their spouses although both evolved from the same parentage. It is rather reverse that women somehow or other can subdue men despite their frailty in comparison to males. Men are totally helpless before them.

Then something happened to the monkeys. Either they were caught and taken away or fled themselves the colony leaving behind only one of them. It is not finding any permanent place and must be feeling very lonely because of being alone. But it has now done a strange thing. It is always playing with two puppies whenever their mother is away. They are also used to him. One of them twists his tail and other is snuffing him. He teases them by jumping suddenly to tree branches and then puppies finding it impossible to reach up begin to bark. Sometimes the monkey jumps on the puppy but in such a manner as not to hurt him. Wherever they go, the monkey accompanies them with only difference that they walk on the road and monkey playfully makes detours on the way by jumping up the cars.

I don’t know for how many days this will go on.

Things have changed now. The pups have grown bigger and dispersed and left the monkey. It so happened that one of the pups was weaker than others and is staying back. The monkey is now harassing it no wits end. It jumps on it. The monkey pulls the puppy from the ears and the pup shrieks loudly. Together they are making the life of the residents horrible. All day it happens and there are piercing wails of the puppy. I tried to shoo away the monkey but as you know it is exercise in futility because monkey is an arboreal being and climbs the trees and buildings with utmost ease. It makes faces at you when you are lost. So I lost and tried to pack the puppy to some other park but it is also obdurate and again and again comes back to the trouble spot.

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