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Advent of Spring Revisited

About 10 days back, I wrote how I missed the arrival of spring season. I was wrong. The weather here is very confusing and trees are reacting to it in different manners. Some of them are behaving as if there is autumn. They are shedding their leaves all day and night. The ground beneath them has become strewn with drying leaves. All day the leaves are falling and there is lot of sound when gusts of wind blows them off the ground in whatever directions. There is big banyan tree in our locality which is very much eager to usher itself into the new leaves. It is eagerly waiting for the strong winds which will help to dislodge the leaves from the branches making way for engendering of the new beautiful leaves. Every one in this world likes to look good and beautiful.

But still there are others, which have already crossed the autumn stage and very delicate translucent  leaves are adorning their branches. They are scanty now but within days the boughs will be covered with thick foliage. Some of them are shorn of all the leaves and standing stark naked and waiting for the nature to cover their nakedness with thick dense leaves.

It is just like the lot of human beings. Some are waiting while others have been already blessed with bounties. Nature always makes unequal distribution of assets. It is its way of telling that even though you belong to same species but their are lots of differences.

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