March 2010

Strange Case of Pups & Monkey

Till recently, in our colony, there were 4 monkeys who made the life of residents a nightmare. They used the TV cables as rope ways for crossing over from building to another. They jumped on the branches of trees and also squatted on the parked cars. They were looking in the car mirrors and preening themselves. They will rummage through garbage bins and also sometimes if some windows remained opened for air into the house, they entered into the house. There they tinkered with the remotes and other gadgets. They were very difficult to be shooed away. Women were very… Read More »Strange Case of Pups & Monkey

Again Seems to have Hit the Dead end!!!

Again and again, that happens. I hit the dead end. It seems that a I am like a bird imprisoned in the cage. My soul is hitting desperately the wire mesh of the cage to break it open and soar in the wide open limitless skies. I am sometimes lying in the bed and opposite through the window a small piece of nature is visible in the form of Jamun tree which has slightly pale green leaves and now there are bunches of fruits which are green and swelling day by day and within oneĀ  month time they will turn… Read More »Again Seems to have Hit the Dead end!!!

Novelist: Dr.Pachauri

Not being satisfied with the controversies regarding glaciers melting within a very short span of 30 years, Dr.Pachauri revealed to the world yet another hidden talent in him. He has just published one sleazy novel “Return to Almora“. The surprising thing is his unlimited list of friends in high society. How he mesmerizes the likes of Ambanis, film actors and other high profile people is an mystery. One thing is sure that Ambanis do not make anybody their friend unless they are sure to get some benefits from him, that is mutually benefiting to both. It is most likely the… Read More »Novelist: Dr.Pachauri

Advent of Spring Revisited

About 10 days back, I wrote how I missed the arrival of spring season. I was wrong. The weather here is very confusing and trees are reacting to it in different manners. Some of them are behaving as if there is autumn. They are shedding their leaves all day and night. The ground beneath them has become strewn with drying leaves. All day the leaves are falling and there is lot of sound when gusts of wind blows them off the ground in whatever directions. There is big banyan tree in our locality which is very much eager to usher… Read More »Advent of Spring Revisited

Houston, we have a problem

This phrase became familiar to us from the days of “Star Trek” series which were once broadcast on the Doordarshan, the official channel of India. I remembered this phrase but never knew the origin of this. All was clear was that whenever there was a problem with the spacecraft, this phrase was heard. This phrase is a misrepresentation of the message astronaut Swigert of Apollo 13 mission conveyed to Houston. Original, the dialogues are as follows: Swigert: ‘Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here.’ Duke: ‘This is Houston. Say again please.’ Lovell: ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem. We’ve had a… Read More »Houston, we have a problem