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When did the spring dawn?

I came home from hospital after 10 days. Within that time I was totally confined to a single room cut from the normal life outside. Only one day I could see the vibrant Mumbai with road traffic flowing , sun shining and  the palms swaying in the strong breeze when I was wheeled on the sky walk connecting the two wings of the hospital. Even after coming home, I was in the house convalescing. One day I ventured out in the afternoon and was surprised how much nature has changed. I was awestruck. So near to one another yet so different in their bearing.

Many of the trees after shedding the old leaves were wearing opalescent shining leaves whose color have not matured to green. There was still the reddish brown color on the most of the leaves. Some trees, the amaltash, for example were blooming with bunches of yellow color flowers.

Still there were trees which have no leaves left on their branches. They were looking like skeletons of wood with branches of all thickness. The spring has not blessed them yet. But I know those who wait patiently will be more blessed in the end. Happiness comes at different times for different beings.

There are others which seem to be evergreen and have not shed any leaves. Some dry  brown leaves occasionally detached from the branch, floated in the air aimlessly before falling to the ground. Avenue near the school was strewn with the fallen trees. One will eventually trod on them despite my efforts not to. They made a crunching sound when crushed below the feet.

I don’t know when did the mango trees bore the fruits. I saw them hanging on the trees. There are bees buzzing on the flowers bunches of Jamun trees. Soon these trees will bear fruits of green color turning dark blue color on ripening. The ground below will be again littered with the ripe fruits falling incessantly totally smashed and smeared in the dust.

There is a tree which is called Semul known as Bombax Ceiba botanically. At this time it is completely leafless. It is giant tree and there are thorn on its trunk. There are lovely red colored flowers. Lots of crows and mynahs are dipping their beaks inside them to suck the heavenly and nourishing nectar. They hop from flower to flower and sometimes the flowers fall from the branches. The ground beneath is littered with them and hordes of ants are there in them.

In the park behind our house, it is very soothing and calm. There are very giant trees along with small ones. In their dense foliage, there are crows which object the entry inside the park. Many a times, I like to sit on a bench and see up towards the lush green trees. Once upon a time, few years ago, there were the nests of storks and they used make a great noise and made the ground directly below their perches white with their shit.

On the horizon in the west the Sun was dipping down turning the whole sky there coppery red. Soon it will be dark and distinctions between everything will melt and all will be dark. There will be bats coming from yonder to forage for food in the dense boughs of the trees near school. They will be here for whole night darting occasionally here and there.

Soon I was tired and returned with so many questions unanswered. So much can happen within such little time and we are unaware. The spring passed by without my enjoying it.

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