By | February 7, 2010

All news channels in India have synchronized their programs in an amazingly perfect manner. Even the breaks for commercials take place exactly at same time leaving the viewers with only one channel option. Generally I watch the fragments. You loose nothing if you don’t watch TV for days together because you can catch the action at any time.

Two programs of food and cuisine are shown on two news channels. One is called foodie and another is called “Zaika India Ka”. The presenters of both these programs seem to be brothers. Both are rotund, bellicose and lazy bums.  They have become bloated as they go on eating and eating. The foodie resembles a potato and one is surprised why he has not by not exploded. Both had eaten so much free food. For the shop owners whose shops they select to show on the channel, it is matter of great honour and they treat the presenters like Gods.

They sample all kinds of goodies.Travel places to show us different kinds of cuisines available in India. And how they tell us that it is very tasty and delicious. The women are expert in expressing the oomph and aah sounds identical to the sounds made during love making. It is wonderful though it is made without any special ingredients. Technology is not developed yet to at least feel and take in the aroma of the dish directly from the TV screen.

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