February 2010

When did the spring dawn?

I came home from hospital after 10 days. Within that time I was totally confined to a single room cut from the normal life outside. Only one day I could see the vibrant Mumbai with road traffic flowing , sun shining and  the palms swaying in the strong breeze when I was wheeled on the sky walk connecting the two wings of the hospital. Even after coming home, I was in the house convalescing. One day I ventured out in the afternoon and was surprised how much nature has changed. I was awestruck. So near to one another yet so… Read More »When did the spring dawn?


All news channels in India have synchronized their programs in an amazingly perfect manner. Even the breaks for commercials take place exactly at same time leaving the viewers with only one channel option. Generally I watch the fragments. You loose nothing if you don’t watch TV for days together because you can catch the action at any time. Two programs of food and cuisine are shown on two news channels. One is called foodie and another is called “Zaika India Ka”. The presenters of both these programs seem to be brothers. Both are rotund, bellicose and lazy bums.  They have… Read More »Foodies

Melting of Glaciers: Is the doomsday so near?

This is what Dr.Pachauri said about the IPCC during his Nobel Prize speech. The IPCC produces key scientific material that is of the highest relevance to policy making, and is agreed word-by-word by all governments, from the most skeptical to the most confident. This difficult process is made possible by the tremendous strength of the underlying scientific and technical material included in the IPCC reports. The Panel was established in 1988 through a resolution of the UN General Assembly. One of its clauses was significant in having stated, “Noting with concern that the emerging evidence indicates that continued growth in… Read More »Melting of Glaciers: Is the doomsday so near?