A Solemn Journey into Punjab

What to say? This was not a journey for sight seeing, pleasure or visiting the important places. It was a journey for a solemn purpose. We went from Chandigarh to a sacred place called Patal Puri located in Kiratpur in the Ropar district, about 70 kilometers away. This city was established by Guru Hargobind of Sikhs.

We went by car. We had expected to cover the distance in about one hour but it took about 2 hours. The reason I could discern is the expansion of roads, construction of flyovers all along. It is winter season. There was dust all around. The trees on the roadside seemed to be suffocating with the dust coated on their leaves. They looked very dull and somber as if begging to be bathed in the rains and breath easily. I was thinking that these silent trees which give us oxygen by consuming the carbon dioxide generated by the industrialized world, if they are clogged then how will we survive. Really the lopsided progress will result in more harm than good.

Moving just beyond Chandigarh, on both sides of the roads, loads of the fruit called Kinoos were lying on the both sides of road. The fruit resembles orange and road seemed to become orange on both sides. There was a glut of this fruit and sellers seemed sitting idle on the fruits. Occasionally, some cars stopped and people came out to buy the fruit. It is mostly used for making juice.

We crossed the famous Bhakra canals through which bluish water flowed. It seemed very calm and beautiful. At one or two places, truck drivers were taking bath in the biting cold water.

Ranjit Singh

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