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It was the month of November 2009. At about 6′ O clock in the evening we reached the Chandigarh railway station to catch the train to Delhi. November is half way but surprisingly it was still hot. Weather is undergoing changes and becoming unpredictable. It was not cold as should have been. We were dropped by three wheeler on the wrong side of the entry gate and we have to cross the over bridge chugging our heavy suitcase.

As we were descending the steps to the platform No.1, I was taken by big surprise. A deafening noise was issuing from the roof of the platform. As we reached the platform and were walking towards our coach through the chaotic crowds, we could not hear anything but that sound. On looking up the roof, we found hundreds of mynahs sitting on the supporting rods. They seem to competing to occupy the best places to rest for the night. Whenever a new entrant came near, there was fighting and rearrangement of the sitting. It went on incessantly till the time our train commenced it journey. It was 22 minutes past 6 in the evening.

Soon everything was left behind. Surroundings were rushing past in the opposite direction. The noise was still buzzing in our ears. The train entered into the darkness and hurtled along towards Ambala. I was happy for one assurance that in the present times when many species are simply vanishing from their established locations, there were lots of mynahs at least. With this assurance in my heart, it was a happy journey towards the capital of India.

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