November 2009

What is Happening?

When someone asked the humorist writer Mark Twain which investment shall bring in the maximum profit, he had said “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”. As always how true he was. The demand for land is rising and rising relentlessly. Our health quotient is improved day by day resulting in increased life expectancy. More people, more wealth they generate and with more wealth, everybody wants to live a life of comfort. Three basic needs: house, food and clothing are putting extreme pressure on our planet. Even though Sun is helping us in the synthesis of food, the area under… Read More »What is Happening?

A strange Food Chain!!!

To survive in this harsh world, one has to struggle and beat others. While in the world of animals the competition is really physical, the human beings take it to mental level. Humans have the ability to hide their emotions, they store their grudges against others and thus compete on a very different level. Most of their actions are covert in nature. Animals have very hard life that way. Most of them settle their scores on the spot. They don’t keep it for the future. They even do not seem to repent the loss of their near and dear ones… Read More »A strange Food Chain!!!


It was the month of November 2009. At about 6′ O clock in the evening we reached the Chandigarh railway station to catch the train to Delhi. November is half way but surprisingly it was still hot. Weather is undergoing changes and becoming unpredictable. It was not cold as should have been. We were dropped by three wheeler on the wrong side of the entry gate and we have to cross the over bridge chugging our heavy suitcase. As we were descending the steps to the platform No.1, I was taken by big surprise. A deafening noise was issuing from… Read More »Mynahs

Dehradun: Then & Now

I recently visited Dehradun which has become the capital of recently carved out state of Uttrakhand. Earlier it entire area lied in Uttar Pradesh. Many things have changed since the time I lived in Dehradun from 1978 to 1978 during first posting of my job in ONGC. At that time the place was so peaceful, full of greenery and weather was excellent. While traveling  to  Dehradun from my hometown at Chandigarh, as soon as the bus entered hills leading to the valley, a perceptible change in the air will be felt. The breath become easier away from the dust of… Read More »Dehradun: Then & Now


I live in a place called Panvel which is about 50 kilometers away from Mumbai. I am serving in ONGC and am not the original inhabitant of the place. But I have lived in this place for the past 16 years. This place has rich history. Its municipal corporation is the oldest in the Maharastra. It is a junction for going to Goa, Pune, South India. It is full of geographic features. Hills dot the panorama all around. There are many rivulets. It is on the sea coast. The soil is hard and rocky and is not fertile. Once upon… Read More »Bats