Abnormal Weather

By | October 4, 2009

Erratic behaviour of weather is becoming a common phenomena recently. When you are expecting rains, they are not there. Suddenly when it seems that usual rainy season has withdrawn, it begins to rain. Monsoon used to first break over Kerala and proceeded to Konkan region towards north west of Kerala. Another fork of the monsoon proceeded directly to West Bengal and from there, it turned left after deterred by Himalayas to go further. Whole of Northern India then experienced heavy rains. The North Indian rivers which are snow fed as they emanate from High reaches of Himalayas which are always clad with snow. Due to monsoon adding copious quantities of rain water, whole of northern India reeled under floods. The situation in the Bihar was usually worst because besides Ganges more rivers flow through the state. Surprisingly, Tamil Nadu and Andhra were remained dry as if they were under some umbrella.

The situation is changing now. They are episodes of the rains with a gap of many days this year. Just as when everyone thought the it is October and monsoon has pulled back, heavy rains are lashing Andhra, Karnataka and Maharastra. All the theories about rains seem to have failed miserable. In fact, despite the super computers, satellites and all other sophisticated modern instruments have failed to pinpoint the weather. The main reason for this failure seems to be that weather is a global phenomena, there is nothing localized as we always thought and did calculations taking into account local variables.

Anyway, these incessant rains have caused great floods in the affected states resulting in huge losses of crops, property and human beings. One or the other natural disasters are falling on our country. Even then we are aloof till we ourselves are affected. Our attitude is like the pigeon who closes its eyes when the cat is waiting to pounce on him, thinking that by evading the danger, the danger will go away. We must understand that reality is not like this. The pigeon is invariably mauled by the cat and its story comes to an end and its soul departs upwards to enter into a new body for reincarnation. This may be the nature’s way of punishing the erring humanity which tends to forget the nature and tries to take liberties with its plans.

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