Calcutta Chromosome

Recently my reading capacity has dwindled quite a lot. Though in normal circumstances, I don’t read the books in one go. I can’t. For me it is not possible. I am the one who don’t swallow big chunks without properly chewing. I read about 10 pages at the maximum in one sitting.

But, it was different with Amitav Ghosh‘s novel “Calcutta Chromosome“. I purchased it few days back and was occasionally reading two three pages at the time of going to bed. Generally I read in leisure lying down in the bed and many a times very powerful but brief sleep overtakes me. It lasts about ten to fifteen minutes but it is like becoming dead.

But, on Saturday, I was having a bad time and picked up the book to while away some time. But as I was reading, I got hooked up to the story. It so happened that by the end of the day, I had read the entire book which though is not a thick volume. It was so thrilling and full of suspense. The characters were crafted brilliantly and spooky happenings were just like addiction to the mind. It was always expecting more and more.

I have become a fan of Amitav Ghosh. A few months back, I read an article by him regarding the religious fanaticism in India. Though it was titled like this but actually it was about Babur and his adventurous life. It was about how the circumstances forced him towards India though he did not want to and tried his luck towards west. He was utterly defeated and many a times escaped the death and everything fell into his line in Afghanistan. Babur used to drink a lot and was a liberal. Mr.Ghosh wanted to drive home the point that in this democratic country man of us have become more intolerant of other religion than our own.

The Calcutta Chromosome

The Calcutta Chromosome (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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