You cannot forget certain memories

There are certain memories which are very dear to us but at the same time very painful. You feel like weeping and helpless. Sometimes, you will try to bury these memories in the ocean of subconscious mind by tying the stones of helplessness around their neck. No sooner you think you have done this, both the memories as well as the helplessness gets separated and come up. These are no ordinary stones. They are like the ones which Lord Rama floated on the Indian ocean to reach Sri Lanka. Interestingly the person who is the subject of these memories, with whom these memories are connected, have long forgotten them, that once upon a time, in the past, he or she shared with you and you alone.

However hard you try, you always fail. These memories nag you day and night. They prick your soul without remorse. They don’t listen to any logic or reasoning. They are so obdurate.


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