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Punjabi poet Shiv Kumar has said “O, dream, you are a Sultan“, not for nothing. Dreams are safety vents which help us humans to fulfill and therefore¬† release the suppressed desires. To achieve and get what we cannot get in real material world.

Dreams recreate the world around us according to the individuals experiences and inputs obtained by the interaction with the world. There in the dream, our suppressed feelings like unrequited love for someone who is in reality out of reach, shall be realized. The dream will bring two people thousands of miles apart together within no time. No journey, no tickets, no visas, no permissions are required.

We all dream strange dreams although strange is not the appropriate word because dreams are always strange because they run counter to the social norms prevailing in our real world. We can do things which are totally a taboo in the real world. And we can get away with them. Most of the times, our dreams are like muddled water in a pond. We cannot totally reproduce or recall them when we awake. But there might be times when dreams are very lucid.

So many times, a dear person, who has departed long ago, will be there in your dreams as if he is alive. He may be discussing some problems with us. Some women, who has attracted you by her bodily charm but is not so close to you, can become very close to you in your dream.

Subconscious mind is a repository of the experiences good or bad which had happened to us. It contains our emotions. Over the time, the library becomes loaded with this data. It them needs to clean it and releases some of these stored materials to lighten the burden on subconscious mind. If we cannot keep our thoughts to us for long, we can very well imagine what happens to our subconscious mind which has the dreams as the only conduit for the release of emotions.

Dreams happen mostly during the segment of sleep called “Paradoxical Sleep” , also called Rapid Eye Movement(REM). In this stage, brain becomes active, frequency of brain waves become high and magnitude low. This is akin to twilight stage of the beginning of normal sleep in its brain activity. But there are subtle differences. The body organs become limp or numb like a dead person. Eyes move side to side during this stage. It is in this stage that dreams occur. If a person is awakened at this stage, he or she can recall the dream.

Subconscious mind is like an ocean, which acts as a dumping ground of thoughts, feelings and events happened to a person. As we age, the seams of these bits form and those which are buried at the bottom are difficult to recall immediately unless a great effort is done to recall. This effort may be in the form of a shock,  through reminisces.

But some feelings refuse to bury down. They are incapable of drowning. However hard we try to forget, they float back and resurface. Sometimes they are so strong that dominate the our thoughts day in day out.

Guided by Heart

If someone asks me to write again the article on same subject, I am almost certain I will not be able to reproduce it. My composition will change drastically.

I think this happens with persons who write using their heart, not with their heads. Heart is not as stable as the head. It controls the emotional part of our personalities. As the emotions depend upon the short term happenings, they tend not to be repetitive. Such persons can write fiction, poetry but not prose. Such person cannot be good managers.

May be if I had tried, I could have been a writer. But again, my interests cover not the narrow but broad spectrum. And this world, oh, it is so strange and weird, and life so short (it may be an excuse in my case, as I have already crossed 50 years of life), that I seem so helpless against the tide of time which with every passing day is becoming mightier and mightier and the day is not far when it will engulf me.