By | August 4, 2009

Life seems to an illusion. In fact, whole world seems to be a figment of falsehood. People seem to be too trivial, becoming too happy and too distraught with small achievements and losses.

There is opaque gossamer which Maya has spread over this world to keep us away from the real truth. Maya schemes day and night to keep us mired in trivial attachments and actions. It dangles morsels of earthly sensual pleasures from time to time to maintain its sway over us. It makes every effort to keep us away from our creator, the real contentment and peace. By the time, us mortals realize our folly, it is too late to make any amends. We are slaves to sensory pleasures. It requires a mountainous effort to break the shackles. There is always the danger of relapse similar to the alcoholics and addicts. Its hold is so strong on the individuals that most of them make no effort to break the shackles and see the truth. The truth which is real beauty and the Creator.

I am disillusioned with this world. Nothing is permanent here. All of the entities are transitory and have fleeting existence. Still we cannot think clearly and lucidly. In fact, we surrender to small and immediate pleasures. Today the thinking is to live the current moments to the full because no body has seen the tomorrow. We never contemplate our deeds. Most of us are bereft of hindsight, because at the time of passing through a crisis, we many a times think that we will not let this repeat again. We promise ourselves to examine our deeds but we become complacent and are totally ill prepared for the next events.

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