Still waiting for Monsoon

Monsoon has still not arrived in Mumbai although 20 days of June are already gone. Generally, it breaks in the first week. Nature these days is giving us warnings about our tinkering with it. In old times, I always thought that man is like a dust speck in the universe and thus cannot disturb the equilibrium prevailing in the mother nature. But now it seems that these infinitesimal contributions from specks can integrate into a big attack on the nature. Nature is forced to apply the self corrections. It punishes us all alike, not only the villains but all of us, reminding us that rest of us cannot stand away and watch mutely or turn a blind eye to what the villains are doing to nature. It is exhorting us all to stop playing the games which disturb the equilibrium.

We will have to sacrifice extreme luxury as is enjoyed by affluent countries. More the man adopts means for the comfortable life, more it is at the cost of disturbing the nature.

So, I am worried about the inordinate delay in the arrival of monsoon. It does forbode good. Presently, we are suffering intense heat, water shortage and consuming lots of electricity and generating lots of heat. In the aftermath, I am afraid there will be deluges and then we will be submerged in sullied waters. The benign aspect of nature as the nourisher of life is fast receding into oblivion. It will be so till we mend our ways and come closer to nature in a friendly manner.

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