June 2009

The Rains

The vista has begun greening and looks clean with scant rains. This year, monsoon till now, is very weak. The clouds seem very lazy and seem to be in no hurry to pour waters on the thirsty earth. In the other times, it would have poured plenty of water from the skies. This year, it is occasional heavy shower and sometimes drizzle. The grass has sprouted on the bald ground turning it from sepia tint to green carpet. Only small patches of bald land are visible. The trees seem washed and happy. When the strong winds blow, their branches dance… Read More »The Rains

Still waiting for Monsoon

Monsoon has still not arrived in Mumbai although 20 days of June are already gone. Generally, it breaks in the first week. Nature these days is giving us warnings about our tinkering with it. In old times, I always thought that man is like a dust speck in the universe and thus cannot disturb the equilibrium prevailing in the mother nature. But now it seems that these infinitesimal contributions from specks can integrate into a big attack on the nature. Nature is forced to apply the self corrections. It punishes us all alike, not only the villains but all of… Read More »Still waiting for Monsoon