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Gathering Clouds

Since last few days, in the morning, there is a meeting of clouds in the heavens. They seem to be discussing how and when they will be visiting the parched & thirsty earth. Earth is looking upwards and pleading with Gods to send rains to cool its hot body and lessen the fury of Sun. Clouds disperse after sometimes and go somewhere where no one can see them whole day. Earth has to wait for sometime yet.

But daily, it seems that more and more clouds are attending the meeting. Sometimes, they can be seen in the odd hours as if they are surveying from above and doing recces of the earth from above. It is not far when they will visit the earth and then they will be visiting without relenting. Though earth will be happy to embrace them and hug them, the humans will be suffering from too much of water.

The people in Mumbai have become traumatic after suffering from the deluge in 2005. Whenever there is possibility of pairing of high tide in the sea with monster cloud columns in the sky, the people become restless from fear of remembering that day and possibility of repetition. People lost their belongings, their kith and kin and suffered from many diseases.

All this is happening due to the greed of builders and politicians. Actually why people become attached to inaction against them is that in nature things do not happen overnight. The malady continues to grow slowly and a break point comes when it can no longer able to contain itself, then there is havoc everywhere. The harvests sown by previous generations have to be reaped by the present generations and this cycle continues.

So, on one hand, we long for rains. We long for drenching in the rains without caring for our clothes clinging to our wet bodies and revealing our bodies. The children frolic in the rains. Whole nature is bathed and seems nattier. Green color engulfs every corner of the earth. Frogs make incessant croaking, calling their mates. Birds awash in the rain, cling to the tottering twigs of the trees.Poets write the poetry to describe the condition of  lovelorn lovers and send their messages of love by the cloud messengers.

At the same, we become afraid of the excess water falling on the earth and inundating our homes and destroying our hard earned belongings. Everywhere, everything drips. Clothes drips, roofs drips, life drips. Everybody desires an ideal amount or optimum amount of rains but due to our bad treatment to nature, our excessive tinkering with the natural pathways of the water drainage, the nature teaches us all lessons and punishes us for torturing the earth, the mother, which sustains and nourishes us. This is another matter that it does not distinguish between the evil doers and innocents, it decides on the merit of collective responsibility.

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