Peace is an illusion

By | May 5, 2009

You don’t have to look anywhere outside for the peace of mind. You have to look inwards, within you, to diagnose what is causing the problem. Most of the times, we are aware of the reasons causing the heart burns, yet we are deceiving ourselves by avoiding the real causes and alleviate the problems. Things are not in our control many times. Heart does not forget the moments of bliss even trifles for that matter. It seems like an oasis in the otherwise desert of unhappiness and wants to cling on to it. But there are others who forget the things very easily. They are really blessed otherwise the events from the past will haunt you and gnaw at your heart.

To be happy or blissful, I think it is necessary not to try to learn much. Simple folks are really happy. The more you read, more you see, hear and talk, the more the garbage is collected in your brain. There are so many seams of the events and it is not easy to fetch or recall easily. The events jostle for attention in such mind like the passengers crammed inside a local train compartment.

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